*All custom designed cupcakes vary in prices and will be quoted when ordered.*

                  Kid (small)                                                 Standard
         Dozen $30.00 (1 flavor)                       1/2 dozen $21.00 (1 flavor)
        2 Dozen $55.00 (2 flavors)                    Dozen  $42.00 (2 flavors)
                                                                       2 dozens $75.00 (up to 4 flavors)

 Vanilla/Almond base Cupcakes 
             Plain Jane Vanilla
               Wedding White
        Confetti birthday (white)
              Grandma Butter

Chocolate Base Cupcakes 
                 Deep Chocolate
Campfire Smore's  (Seasonal Oct-Feb)
             Cookies ~n~Cream  
       Confetti birthday (chocolate)

Strawberry Base Cupcakes
             Strawberry Ice Cream
               Strawberry Vanilla
             Strawberry ~n~ Cream 
             Strawberry Lemonade

Southern Comfort Cupcakes 
              Banana Puddin'  (NEW)
         Southern Belle Red Velvet (Can come with or without pecans)
                   Lemon Lush 
                   Butter Pecan
              German Chocolate (Currently not available in a half dozen)
            Italian Cream Cheese (Currently not available in a half dozen)
              Pineapple Coconut
                     24 Carrot (Currently not available in a half dozen)

 Fancy Style Cupcakes
             Caramel Espresso
          White Chocolate Latte 
         Purple (Princess) Velvet
             Lemon Blueberry
              Banana's Foster
      White Chocolate Raspberry 

                         Cake Jars
(Only available during special promotions)
Standard size $5.00 per Jar
Small size $3.00 per jar

*Please ask if there is a promotion running.*


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