*All custom designed cupcakes vary in prices and will be quoted when ordered.*

                  Kid (small)                                                 Standard
         Dozen $30.00 (1 flavor)                       1/2 dozen $21.00 (1 flavor)
        2 Dozen $55.00 (2 flavors)                    Dozen  $42.00 (2 flavors)
                                                                       2 dozens $75.00 (up to 4 flavors)
                                                STARTING JANUARY 1ST.
There will be additional $3 (per 1/2 or dozen) charge on  Southern Comfort and
 Fancy Style cupcakes.

 Vanilla/Almond base Cupcakes 
             Plain Jane Vanilla
               Wedding White
        Confetti birthday (white)
              Grandma Butter

Chocolate Base Cupcakes 
                 Deep Chocolate
Campfire Smore's  (Seasonal Oct-Feb)
             Cookies ~n~Cream  
       Confetti birthday (chocolate)

Strawberry Base Cupcakes
             Strawberry Ice Cream
               Strawberry Vanilla
             Strawberry ~n~ Cream 
             Strawberry Lemonade

Southern Comfort Cupcakes 
              Banana Puddin'  (NEW)
      Strawberry Crunch Cake (NEW) 
 Southern Belle Red Velvet (Can come with or without pecans)
                   Lemon Lush 
                   Butter Pecan
              German Chocolate (Currently not available in a half dozen)
            Italian Cream Cheese (Currently not available in a half dozen)
              Pineapple Coconut
                     24 Carrot (Currently not available in a half dozen)

 Fancy Style Cupcakes
             Caramel Espresso
          White Chocolate Latte 
         Purple (Princess) Velvet
             Lemon Blueberry
              Banana's Foster
      White Chocolate Raspberry 

                         Cake Jars
(Only available during special promotions)
Standard size $5.00 per Jar
Small size $3.00 per jar

*Please ask if there is a promotion running.*


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