Who We Are



The art of experience.

Hello and thank you for stopping by our website. I’m Shekura Jones, the blessed owner of Cakes by Shekura. Some years ago, now, I was going to college, working part-time, and helping my parents go through some personal issues. Part of that help was with my mom and her baking business on the side.

Now, I've always had a niche for baking, but my mom taught me how to really bake. In my eyes my mom is the 'Cake Queen.' And I found myself being drawn into this world of business and baking more and more. This led me to believe that I might just be able to make it as an entrepreneur.

The first order I ever sold was for a friend's baby shower. I was so nervous and excited because someone had confidence in my product— especially for such a special celebration.

Needless to say my cupcakes were a huge hit at that baby shower, and the calls started pouring in. Each order allowing me to create and craft a new work of art specific to the occasion; small, large, and everywhere in between.


To me Cakes By Shekura is more than just pastry — it’s Cake Artistry. We understand what each special moment means to you, and that’s why Cakes by Shekura takes so much care in hand-crafting your delectable desserts.

Scrumptious cupcakes. Succulent wedding cakes.

Luscious confections rich and moist, and all created specifically for you.

Though, I may be short in statue, Cakes by Shekura stands tall on taste in Texas! With mouth-watering flavors like authentic Italian Cream Cheese, Butter Pecan, and Banana Puddin’ you’ll kick yourself for not trying them all.

“our customers are the difference.”

I’m really grateful for our customers who really are like family. It’s not just their support but their confidence in the fact that they know they’re getting the best cakes crafted by hand anywhere.

It’s just like going to momma’s house for the holidays. You know it’s going to be good.

Be a part of the family.

Experience Cakes By Shekura!